Nowhere is the culture of the dip deeper than in the Southeast.

Southeastern Swimming Holes covers mountain water from the Virginias through the North Carolina Highlands, the Monongahela to the Chattahoochee, the Blue Ridge, east to west, and summer fun top to bottom.

The outdoors has hundreds of potential destinations, but the weekend has only 52 hours until Monday. An effective guide, in addition to telling you where to go, should tell you where not to go. Splash reviews the best ones, while listing lesser spots in the back of each chapter.

GPS users appreciate latitude and longitude notes, but even if you donít use satellite navigation, you can get maps from the web site. Send in proof of purchase to register for free, then print any map right from the screen. Tuck it in your pocket on the way out the door, so instead of carrying the whole book, you take only the page you need. 

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