The Book

Day Trips with a Splash Day Trips with a Splash
A hikers guide to swimming holes of California containing 105 different swimming holes with descriptions, maps and helpful advice on how to negotiate your walk/hike/climb there.

Author: Pancho Doll
248 pages
Published by Running Water Press

What the critics have to say
"Take the kids to the old swimming hole? In the urban sprawl of California? Yes, there are still swimming holes left, and a new book -- Day Trips with a Splash: The Swimming Holes of California -- provides and easy-to-read-guide to where to find them." -- San Jose Mercury News 8/10/97
"Doll doesn't always speak in literary terms, but he knows how to turn a phrase." -- San Diego Union Tribune 8/14/97

Pancho Doll

The Author
Pancho Doll is a recovering journalist. He lives in San Diego.

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