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Everybody wants to discover exciting new places, but anyone who's spent time in the mountains knows the disappointment of finding trampled flowers or an empty bottle of Bud in a place that was previously unharmed. The authors of hiking guides sometimes get the blame.

It is a dilemma. Wild places need a constituency if they're to be protected.  Suppose you and your friends are the only ones who know about a secret swimming hole.  When a timber company or mining interest applies for a permit upstream and the only one who show at the hearing are you and your buddies, well digging starts tommorrow.

Democratically speaking, everyone has the right to enjoy public land as long as they adhere to the laws. The problem is we know they don't and that's where egalitarian theory collides with environmentalism.  The challenge is how to limit the information about unspoiled venues to people who will use them with care.

Hence, the Pro Tour.

This plate is not filled entirely with goodies. Take the cover photo of The Punchbowls in Ventura County. What would easily be one of the best swimming holes in the state is so thrashed by punks and yahoos that it couldn't even be included in Day Trips with a Splash, but it's included here. Some swimming holes need protection, others need rescue, so every issue of the Pro Tour will have a place like The Punchbowls which needs intervention.

Where available we'll provide contacts to local groups with similar goals and offer suggestions on how to improve the natural character.  

Finally, don't feel neglected if there are no entries for your area. The Pro Tour is still in it's infancy.  If people support the idea and it proves a successful way to promote environmentalism, it's going to bulk up quickly.

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