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Using This Guide Disclaimer
Hiking is a potentially dangerous activity. Some sites in this book are reached via unmaintained trails or by overland travel where no trail may be present. As such, they require skill and strength beyond normal requirements for safe hiking. Although the book tries to point out potential dangers, conditions may change on the trail as well as in the water. River levels fluctuate widely during the year.

Seasonal indicators are meant as guidelines, not as guarantees, to when a place should be safe for swimming. People regularly drown or are seriously injured because they overestimate their abilities or exercise otherwise poor judgment. Rocks in rivers may be steep and slippery. Be cautious and aware even when walking casually in a river or creek bed. Jumping into water from rocks is inherently dangerous. You are responsible for locating submerged obstacles that could cause injury.

The overwhelming majority of swimming holes featured here are entirely on public land. A few cross, or lie near private land that, when visited for this book, did not appear posted or were marked with signs giving the public limited permission to use the property. In any event, you must obey no trespassing signs.

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