Using This Guide

Using This Guide Tactics

Trail running shoes are best for most of these trips. Sports sandals are acceptable for the shorter and many intermediate ones. Remember, he who is shod lightest travels fastest.

For your birthday, request a telescoping aluminum walking stick. They're an invaluable on steep slopes. For Christmas ask for one of those water bladders with a drinking tube that you can wear like a small back pack. Most of these trips are hot and dry.

The overwhelming majority of swimming holes featured here are entirely on public land. A few cross, or lie near private land that, when visited for this book, did not appear posted or were marked with signs giving the public limited permission to use the property. In any event, you must obey no trespassing signs.

Entry and Exit
There are more than a few swimming holes with steep sides in which you can jump into only to realize there's no easy way back out. Check first.

Anyone jumping from cliffs should not depend solely on this guide for safety information. Talk to locals if they're available for safety information, but most importantly get in the water and have a look around for yourself. You are responsible for your own safety.

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