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Using This Guide Terminology

Moderate scrambling means you might bash a knee or skin an elbow and your friends may laugh at you.

Third-class scrambling means that if you fall, it will hurt. You may receive injuries and your friends might have to help you back to the car. You may even need medical help.

Bushwacking is considered light if you can do it in shorts. It's moderate if you wish you had pants on. It's heavy if you wish you had pants and boots.

Basins are broad and shallow, usually less than four feet deep. Little or no sense of enclosure.

Pools are deeper, between six and eight feet deep with proportionately less surface area than basins.

Tubs have an even smaller surface area, usually room for only a couple of people. They're five to seven feet deep with near complete enclosure and are most often associated with waterfalls.

Holes are generally the same proportion as a pool but deeper and with a tighter enclosure. If you can dive into it, it's a hole.

Privacy Doubtful means one dozen or more people in the area. Bring a bag to pick up trash.

Privacy Possible indicates fewer than six people likely. Consider going elsewhere on weekends.

Privacy Likely suggests the most you would expect to find is one other group.

Privacy Guaranteed says little evidence of visitorship. If somebody else arrives, you're being stalked.

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