Rock Cut

Two swimming holes along a fishermanís trail on Johns Brook in Adirondack State Park. The upper is the more attractive, the lower is longer and deeper. At the top, a rocky cascade achieves some depth where the current strikes a truck sized boulder fallen into the stream. It creates a sweet spot six to ten feet deep thatís about the size of a dinner table. Excellent. Rock on the south side is 15 feet high. The north side has a big block of rock also, but itís much less vegetated and closer to water level. A good place to enter and exit or to enjoy the sun.

Sixty yards below is a hole thatís deeper and longer, about 60 feet. Itís not as attractive, though. The wall on the north bank is a little more relaxed with good seating, but no access to the water Ďcept a jump into a small sweet spot that requires about 10 feet of clearance to avoid clipping rocks on the way down. Some bushwhacking required, but otherwise not especially difficult to reach and lightly visited.

Follow directions on the map to the indicated trail fork. If you go right, youíll be on the fishermanís trail that runs for .4 mi right along the creek to a cross-tie box constructed for trail support. The hole is just beyond. Alternately, stay left at the fork and take the Southside Trail to Rock Cut Brook. The upper hole is 100 yards below Rock Cut's confluence with Johns Brook. Tenderfoot Falls is 800 feet upstream.

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